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Do you know an interesting location or are you an employee of a location?

Enter it and present it so that everyone can find out about it.

No matter whether it's party rooms, restaurants, seminar rooms or concert halls, vehicles, casinos or other buildings - all public locations where large and small events can take place are welcome here. Simply upload a picture/photo of the location, enter the address and add a description and links.

Fast, simple and of course free.

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No time to enter the location?
Then simply use our free entry service.

What is it?

The entry service is for those who don't have the time (or the desire) to create a user account, upload images, addresses, text, additional details and perhaps even additional images of the location and check if the entry looks good.

That's where we come in.

Variant 1 - Email with images, text and information about the location
We simply need an email stating that we are allowed to enter the location with image and text. The email must at least contain:

  • Name of the location
  • Address
  • the logo/image of the location to be used (even multiple images)
  • Text with the description
  • Link to the website
Of course, if it also contains a few more information and details about the location (site, ambience, rooms, number of people, technology, directions & parking or links to Facebook, Instagram, X etc.), that would be very helpful.

Variant 2 - Approval by email
Alternatively, a short, official email with a confirmation that we are allowed to use images, logos and texts directly from the location's website to create the entry is sufficient. We will then get the data and images from the website.
IMPORTANT: Don't forget the URL/address of the website, otherwise it won't work.


No matter which variant you choose, simply send us a corresponding message and we can get started.

The entry is usually online a few days later and we will send a confirmation email back.