Sunday, 4/13/2025
at 5:00 PM

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The Bavarian Criminal Dinner - a crime dinner with thrills for both nerves and palate - presents a delicious course menu in a stylish setting accompanied by an intriguing criminal case, taking place at Rössli Illnau.

"Blood Moon"

On a hot July night, all of Germany is captivated by the sky: as the moon turns blood-red. And on this night, in the Bavarian provincial town of Oberlettenbach, Anna Bader is murdered with a stab to the heart. The weapon: a sharpened cross. Were religious fanatics at work here? The victim was rumored to be a witch. Inspector Weimar, an old acquaintance of Anna Bader, takes on the investigation and stirs up a hornet's nest. Barely escaping an assassination attempt, he must not only ask the audience to help him find the culprit, but also to save his own life.

Thus begins an interactive hunt for the witch killer. It proves to be challenging, as many people in Oberlettenbach have solid motives for the crime. The washed-up actor who can't remember his lines, the carpenter who never leaves the house without his axe, or the ultra-Catholic Agnes Berninger, who due to her numerous pilgrimages would have accumulated so many bonus points in the church's Miles & More program that she could fly around the globe three times.

"Blood Moon" is highly suspenseful and outrageously funny, a tricky puzzle that even seasoned amateur criminologists will find a tough nut to crack.

The course menu will be served by the hospitality team at Rössli Illnau, promising thrills for both nerves and palate. Doors open at 4:30 pm - the event starts at 5:00 pm.

Doors open: 4:30 pm / Menu and theater play are included in the price / Table and seating will be assigned on-site

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