Friday, 1/24/2025
at 7:00 PM

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With the album "Anno 1996" and the follow-up EP "Songs Of The Dusk," Insomnium created two more masterpieces in terms of darkness and melancholy in the year 2023. These releases once again demonstrate the band's unbroken creativity and emotional depth.

Time and time again, Insomnium succeeds in merging the force and energetic catchiness of typical Swedish Melodic Death Metal with the majestic vastness and melancholic darkness that distinguishes many acts from their Finnish homeland. Over the years, the band has further refined this extraordinary blend and developed a unique style that now enjoys considerable international popularity. With "Anno 1696," the ninth stage of their sonic explorations, including milestones like "Shadows of the Dying Sun" (2014) and "Winter's Gate" (2016), Insomnium once again intertwine bittersweet musical branches that set the standard for future nightmares. "Anno 1696" takes us deep into the dark past of Northern Europe, into a time of witches, superstition, bloodlust, and madness. From the expansive soundscapes and sparse chords that open the album with the track "1696," to "The Rapids," the epic concluding piece, the band has crafted a soundtrack of intensity and despair that captivates and holds onto one's soul. A masterpiece of melancholy, honored with a number 1 spot on the Finnish charts and a top-ten placement on the Swiss hit parade. With the addendum-like EP "Songs Of The Dusk," Insomnium continued the epic saga of the album and take us on another journey into a dark and misty past.

Doors: 6:00 PM

Event data provided by: Reservix

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