Thursday, 11/28/2024
at 8:00 PM

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With "Menschenmühle," the Kanonenfieber project made a big impact in 2021. Project leader Noise ruthlessly and truthfully tells stories from World War I on his debut album, accompanied by melodic Death and Black Metal tunes. The second Kanonenfieber album will be released in September 2024, and Noise will bring his band to Pratteln in November.

"Good music with a serious background that makes you think and you should. War is crap. Yet fascinating. The end," a music fan judges in an internet forum about Kanonenfieber's debut "Menschenmühle" from 2021. Behind Kanonenfieber is a young musician from Bamberg, who calls himself Noise and recorded the album on his own in his home studio. The idea arose from a discussion with a friend about how historical themes are portrayed in the metal scene, specifically focusing on World War I. The concept for "Menschenmühle" was born as a conclusion. The songs on this album tell firsthand of the horrors of war, without glorification, backed by historical accuracy and facts. Helpful in the creation was the friend, a hobby historian with a large collection of letters and original documents from World War I, which served as the basis for Noise's lyrics. He clearly declares his musical output as Anti-War Metal. says, "The band comes close in atmosphere to their Ukrainian colleagues 1914 or the English band Bolt Thrower." Other sources mention the US formation Minenwerfer as a reference. Melodies and "craftsmanship meticulousness" remind the editor of Rock Hard of Heaven Shall Burn. And summarizes: "A self-contained, exciting and sophisticated work that should definitely be listened to." After several EPs and singles, including "Stop The War," a clear statement against the war in Ukraine, Kanonenfieber's new album will be released in September 2024. Noise and his live musicians will soon be on stage at Z7, for the second time after their performance at Wolfsfest in autumn 2022, this time as the celebrated headliner.

Doors open: 19:00

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