Monday, 11/18/2024
at 7:00 PM

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With the upcoming album, the Italian Melodic Power Metal gods Rhapsody of Fire conclude a fantastic trilogy that they started in 2019 with the album "The Eighth Mountain." The band led by keyboard wizard Alex Staropoli takes us on a magical journey through enchanting soundscapes, breathtaking riffs, and unforgettable stories with the final chapter of the "Nephilim’s Empire" saga.

The Italian band Rhapsody of Fire returns with the last part of their saga, delivering another masterpiece of modern Melodic Power Metal in 2024. Dramatic and fast-paced, the band led by Alex Staropoli has been presenting symphonic metal masterpieces for over three decades. Who doesn't remember classics like "Legendary Tales" (1997), "Symphony Of Enchanted Lands" (1998), or "Dawn Of Victory" (2000)? For a few years now, the musicians have been working on a fantastic trilogy under the title "The Nephilim’s Empire." In their recent albums "The Eighth Mountain" (2019) and "Glory For Salvation" (2021), they showcased their incredible strength in epic choirs and opulent orchestral arrangements. Now the story continues, highlighting another strength of the band: the ability to develop and tell a story with incredible tension. Just like in the last album, the lineup is top-notch and on point. Giacomo Voli continues to impress as an extraordinarily great singer with technical finesse. "Kreel’s Magic Staff" was released as the first single of the next album last year. The power metallers describe the song as: "Each band member has put a lot of work into raising the bar even higher. 'Kreel’s Magic Staff' is just the beginning of an orchestral sound journey that will once again take you into our fantasy world."

Doors open: 6:30 PM

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