Saturday, 9/21/2024
at 7:00 PM

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Battle Beast can't be tamed. Since 2022, the Finnish high-flyers have been on the "Circus Of Doom" tour and there is no end in sight. With their brilliant work, vocalist tornado Noora Louhimo and her band delivered a magnificent collection of power metal anthems with plenty of pop appeal in January 22, reaching new top values in the European charts. Since then, they have been rocking stages around the globe. Serenity and Brymir will heat up the crowd as special guests in the opening program of "Circus Of Doom Over Europe - Part 2."

"100% Heavy Metal - 0% Bullshit!" - Battle Beast's recipe is simple but effective. With catchy earworm hits full of crunchy riffs and Noora Louhimo's incomparable vocal range, the Finns have become the figurehead of modern heavy metal. The success story began in 2011 with the debut "Steel," but it wasn't until Noora Louhimo joined as the frontwoman and the self-titled second album "Battle Beast" (2013) that the number of fans skyrocketed. The band has since released six albums. The last four releases all reached the number 1 position in the Finnish charts. The current album "Circus of Doom" also made it into the Top 10 in Germany and reached number 5 in the Swiss album charts. concluded: "Pop Metal in perfection with a powerful voice in every sense of the word. Battle Beast reaches their temporary zenith with 'Circus of Doom,' and for those who want to hear powerful hits in succession, they should quickly hop onto the broad shoulders of the Finnish band to ascend to the highest heights." The mix is right. Catchy metal anthems, led by singer Noora Louhimo, whose voice also convinces 100% live and enriched with harmonious pop elements. The concerts of this band are a true celebration. Every song is a banger! Time to dance, raise fists, headbang, and sing along. A Battle Beast show is definitely not for those who stand still or tap their foot.

Doors open: 6:00 PM

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