Wednesday, 10/30/2024
at 8:00 PM

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They are the most booked Iron Maiden Tribute Band in the world: The Iron Maidens. The five iron ladies have been delivering a spectacular, high-energy show since 2001, filled with classics and fan favorites - and of course, an appearance by mascot Eddie.

The Iron Maidens are coming back to Pratteln! Between 2015 and 2019, they were guests at Z7 four times, then came the big Corona break. But now Eddie's loudest daughters are finally rocking our stage once again. The Iron Maidens skillfully navigate through the different eras of the most successful representatives of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and present Maiden classics such as "Wrathchild," "Aces High," "Hallowed Be Thy Name," "Run To The Hills," "Wasted Years," "The Number Of The Beast," and many other highlights. The Maidens have done a tremendous job over the past twenty-three years: Sold-out venues in California, New York, Japan, Canada, Korea, Guam, Bahrain, Mexico, Spain, Greece, Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia, Turkey, Kuwait, Honduras, Iraq, and half of Europe speak volumes.

Since guitarist Nita Strauss was recruited by shock rocker Alice Cooper for his tour band, The Iron Maidens have become the most frequently viewed tribute band on the web. In addition, they appeared in two seasons of the US TV show "The World´s Greatest Tribute Bands." They were invited to Jay Leno's Tonight Show and featured in music magazines like "Guitar World" and "Rolling Stone." With precise loyalty to the originals and high musicality, Kirsten "Bruce Chickinson" Rosenberg (Vocals), Linda "Nikki McBurrain" McDonald (Drums), Nikki "Davina Murray" Stringfield (Guitars), Wanda "Steph Harris" Ortiz (Bass), and - since Courtney Cox's departure to the Burning Witches - Shani Kimelman alternating with Alyssa Day in the role of Adriana Smith, perform the greatest hits of the original and fan favorites that are rarely or never played by the English idols.


Event data provided by: Reservix

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