Saturday, 7/13/2024
at 7:00 PM

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Pippo Pollina exults and reasons, chats and reflects. The Italian singer-songwriter and his five-piece band, the Palermo Acoustic Quintet, pay homage to the beauty of sounds and the power of art. Be it with lyrical ballads, poetic protest songs, or rock tunes. As a composer, poet, thinker, musician, and arranger, Pollina is at home on the stages of Europe – and with now more than 4000 concerts played, this is anything but a mere cliché. Equally impressive is his discography, which now includes more than 20 albums. His songs always reflect the changing times and the world's transformations. He sings about life – sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes bright, sometimes dark. “I relate occurrences in my lyrics that everyone has experienced or felt in some way. In the music, my impressions are expressed,” describes Pippo Pollina in conversation with Südkurier.

Featuring: Pippo Pollina (Vocals, Piano, Guitar); Mario Rivera (Bass, Double Bass); Gianvito Di Maio (Keyboard, Accordion); Roberto Petroli (Clarinet, Saxophone); Fabrizio Giambanco (Drums, Percussion); Edoardo Musumeci (Guitar, Electric Guitar)
Marius Bear

With seemingly playful ease, Swiss singer-songwriter Marius Bear rides the wave of success. He has already won the Swiss Music Award twice, been awarded a Gold Record, and represented his country at the Eurovision Song Contest. His songs are catchy, light, cheeky, but also profound and deep. "That's just me, it's a tribute to life," characterizes Marius himself in an interview with

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