Thursday, 10/17/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Experience the Symphonic Metal Masters Visions Of Atlantis live on their captivating Armada Tour! On October 17, 2024, they set sail at the legendary Z7 and take you on a breathtaking musical adventure.

From the depths of the oceans, the PIRATES rise! With their latest successful album, Wanderers (2019), and the band's first live Blu-Ray/DVD, A Symphonic Journey to Remember, Visions Of Atlantis have already proven to be at the pinnacle of Symphonic Metal. The latest studio album, Pirates (May 13, 2022), marks a turning point, showing the band confidently and more openly than ever. Embark on a cathartic journey through fascinating soundscapes and captivatingly beautiful melodies, paired with symphonic toughness. The album Pirates musically and lyrically embodies a transformation and the search for self-discovery. The band states: "We can now definitively declare to the world that we are pirates." Experience hits like the epic opener "Pirates Will Return", the powerful "Melancholy Angel", or the majestic "Master The Hurricane". Visions Of Atlantis bring the salt of the sea, the wind on the skin, and boundless independence to the stage of Z7. Freedom, unusual paths, and mastering their world - experience a musical journey without boundaries. Get ready for an unforgettable evening with the pirates of Symphonic Metal! Secure your tickets now for the Armada Tour on October 17, 2024 at Z7!

Doors open: 6:30 PM

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