Saturday, 10/19/2024
at 8:00 PM

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With alternative rock hits like "Open Your Eyes" and "Lords Of The Boards," Guano Apes shook up the international music scene in the 90s. Since then, they have been touring with unabated energy as one of the most important and successful rock exports from Germany. In October 2024, the band will come to Z7 to celebrate their biggest hits and commemorate 30 years of Guano Apes with their Swiss fans.

In March 1998, Guano Apes rocked Switzerland for the first time on three consecutive days - at ISC Bern, Luv Zürich, and Bolgenschanze Davos. Those who were present at one of the gigs remember a hurricane in human form named Sandra Nasic, who captivated everyone in the audience. Their three bandmates rocked out until sweat was pouring and dripping from the ceiling. This live energy and explosive mix of hard sounds with catchy melodies, combined with Nasic's impressive vocals, had an impact. The album "Proud Like A God" skyrocketed. It sold around three million copies worldwide and is still considered the most successful English-language debut album by a German rock band. A career kick-off in style.

Henning Rümenapp, Dennis Poschwatta, Stefan Ude, and Sandra Nasic had put together an album with youthful nonchalance in the outskirts of Göttingen in 1997, which subsequently led to a triumphal procession through the rock charts of the world, giving Generation X a voice and laying the foundation for a career that has lasted for three decades. Nasic became an icon as the first and loudest woman in the genre, with "Open Your Eyes" and "Lords Of The Boards" becoming global anthems. The band received several platinum and gold awards, an Echo award, and the MTV Europe Music Award for "Best German Act" - to name a few accolades. But that was just the beginning. The following three albums consistently hit number 1 on the German charts. More single hits like "Pretty In Scarlet," "Big In Japan," "You Can't Stop Me," or "Sunday Lover" followed. In the fall of 2024, the Guano Apes, still performing in their original formation, will return to Switzerland to properly celebrate their band's 30th anniversary with the fans.

Doors open: 7 pm

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