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Königstr. 110
41564 Kaarst


Phone: 02131-4029339

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As a holistic life counselor and life coach, I work in Kaarst, in the district of Holzbüttgen. Kaarst is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, near Düsseldorf and Neuss.

Here, I offer various methods to activate self-healing powers and to promote and support processes of change.

All of the methods I offer work holistically - affecting the body, mind, and soul. Each method can be applied individually or in combination.

Central to my approach is non-judgmental conversation. As a neutral conversational partner, I am open to all topics. Family constellation and coaching are valuable complements. My empathy for individuals and situations supports each developmental process uniquely. This encourages and strengthens self-responsibility.

If you feel the need to get to know me, schedule a free and non-binding introductory and information session.

I hope I have sparked your interest.

Gabriele Lerch-Hoff
Counselor and companion in all life issues
(Holistic life counselor, life coach)


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