Online-Events die Spaß machen Fast wie im richtigen Leben from Burscheid

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As event service providers, we have been in the market for over 25 years - then came Corona - we took the opportunity to delve deeply and successfully into the topic of "digital virtual events" - and we really enjoy taking our customers into this new world and providing them with entertainment, fun, and a sense of unity for their virtual event.

We can incorporate our experience from over 2500 live events into this new world and create a digital event that excels with surprising closeness.

The best part upfront:

1. the price only: starting at 20.00 Euro /participant (you can request your personalized offer immediately via email: )

2. Your Demo We welcome you to our virtual demo room and explain all the possibilities to you.

So, with the right virtual space - empathetic moderation - professional entertainment - a varied, well-coordinated program with surprises and highlights - a virtual event feels "Almost like in real life" and in the end, there is a surprising sense of unity.


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